Ep. #6915

Season 28, Episode 70 -  Air Date: 6/30/2000
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Nick agrees to go along with Victor‘s terms and stay with Newman Enterprises for the sake of the family. Nick tells Victoria and Ryan that he‘s reconsidered Victor‘s proposal. Victoria and Ryan are thrilled, but Victoria is still concerned about Nick‘s acceptance of Nikki working at Jabot. She needs to know exactly where Nick stands because Newman Enterprises is suffering.Billy talks about making summer plans with Mac, but Mac breaks it to him that she‘s leaving. Billy refuses to let Mac go without an explanation, but Mac is afraid to explain.After Billy takes her to a secluded hideaway, she finally admits that Jill has threatened her. Mac suspects Jill is ready to get Mac‘s mother involved.At the pool house, Raul and Ashley brief Jack on the GLOW campaign. They realize that Billy hasn‘t showed up and assume he‘s with Brittany. Ashley senses Jack is hiding something from her about Billy and demands to know what it is.Jill tells Brittany to forget about the prom queen ad and concent