Ep. #6914

Season 28, Episode 69 -  Air Date: 6/29/2000
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Nikki tells Jack that Victoria‘s reaction to her job at Jabot is worse than she anticipated. Jack explains that Mac will be the new star of the website campaign, but Jill insists that if Mac is in, Billy is out. Jack counters that if Jill pulls Billy out, the gap between her and her son will be bigger than ever. Nick accepts Victor‘s offer to stay on board at Newman Enterprises part-time. Victor tells Nick that he made himself a part-time employee because he took another job.Mac reads the letter from St. Louis intended for Jill. Mac finds out that Jill‘s search for her birth records has been unsuccessful and the detective suggests they find Mac‘s mother.Billy calls Mac and tells her that he‘s worried about Raul and what their relationship will do to him. Mac tells Billy not to tell anyone about their relationship because something has come up. Billy and Raul tell John about the prom.John is happy for Billy, but thinks this is a blow to Jabot‘s campaign. Ashley tells John that Mac ha