Ep. #6912

Season 28, Episode 67 -  Air Date: 6/27/2000
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Ryan asks Victor if it is okay for him to help Victoria pick up the pieces at BRASH AND SASSY, as well as help repair her personal life. At first, Victor feels that Ryan is emotionally unstable himself, but then admits that Victoria needs a friend now.Victoria tells Nikki that she doesn‘t blame Victor for being upset with Nick. She also understands why Nikki is restless, with Victor and her children out of the house. Victoria offers Nikki a job working with her at BRASH AND SASSY, but Nikki shocks Victoria when she reveals she already has a job at Jabot.Mac and Billy revel in their magical evening and share another kiss. Mac tells Billy to leave before his mother catches them. Billy doesn‘t care what his mother thinks, but leaves because Mac doesn‘t want anything to destroy their perfect evening. Mac is shocked to see Jill staring at her from the stairwell.Jill lashes out at Mac, accusing her of conspiring to win prom queen and having her sights set on Billy all along. She threatens