Ep. #6911

Season 28, Episode 66 -  Air Date: 6/26/2000
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Nick tells Victor he‘s quitting. Victor tells him that he is acting out of anger, but Nick insists that his decision is final and he doesn‘t need to think it over, as Victor demands. Victoria is worried about Nick and Victor‘s fallout and asks Nikki to speak to Victor. Nikki wants to stay clear of Victor, so Victoria makes the call herself. Victor tells her to talk to Nick if she wants to know the details of the meeting.Jill is horrified when Brittany is announced 1st runner up. The entire crowd is stunned when Mac is crowned prom queen.J.T. and Brendon are delighted that their plan to bump Brittany worked. Brad gets a visit from Lauren, but just as they get cozy, Jill enters and tells Brad that Brittany wasn‘t voted prom queen. She blames Lauren for conspiring with Kay and Mac.Tomas reads Nina‘s preliminary outline and Nina is thrilled when he gives her positive feedback. He suggests she change the ending, having the protagonist not find the baby she gave up. As Tomas elaborates, t