Ep. #6910

Season 28, Episode 65 -  Air Date: 6/23/2000
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The camera follows Billy and Brittany all over the dance floor, but Mac also gets a lot of camera time, which doesn‘t make Jill happy. J.T. is intent on Brittany not being crowned prom queen and tells everyone to vote for Rianna. Soon it is time for the announcement. The camera spots Brittany freshening up with GLOW cosmetics. The Dean makes the announcement that Billy has been elected prom king. He then prepares to announce the queen. J.T. can‘t wait.Sharon confides in Nikki that she wishes she hadn‘t encouraged Nick to expand the coffeehouse because she is concerned about Nick‘s relationship with Victor. Nikki feels that it‘s good for Nick to get out from under his father.Nick is furious when he finds out that Victor has cut back on Nick‘s responsibilities at Newman Enterprises. Nick insists he is capable of performing both jobs well and Victor has no right to demote him. When Victor counters by telling him that this will give Nick more time for his family, Nick decides to quit.Ch