Ep. #6909

Season 28, Episode 64 -  Air Date: 6/22/2000
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Jill introduces the director of the GLOW GIRL shoot to Brittany, Rianna and Mac. Jill feels they aren‘t focusing enough on Brittany and reminds the director that Brittany is the star of the show.When the couples arrive at the dance, some of the kids are unhappy to be shoved aside so that Billy and Brittany can make their entrance for the camera. This prompts J.T. and Brendon to let the others know that Brittany doesn‘t deserve to be prom queen.When Mac and Raul enter the dance, all eyes turn to Mac. She looks stunning. Brittany notices that Billy is staring at her. She suggests they go talk to their friends.Victoria wants to know more about the coffeehouse expansion. Nick tells her that Victor isn‘t happy about it and is probably looking for a way to lay down the law. Victor wants Nick to know that he means business and calls a meeting with Nick. When Nick finds out the location of the meeting, he is outraged and storms into his father‘s office.Nina confirms to Chris that the book