Ep. #6908

Season 28, Episode 63 -  Air Date: 6/21/2000
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Everyone is excited about the GLOW promotion except Mac, who wishes that she didn‘t have to spend so much time with Billy.Jill is thrilled with the dress she found for Brittany and insists that Billy buy a corsage that matches. Billy notes that Jill is acting as if it‘s her prom night. Jill is nervous, stating that everything must go right because this is a very important campaign.Lauren assumes that Mac and Billy are an item. Rianna shows up at the shoot to let Brittany know that Deirdre won‘t be able to be in it. Raul suggests that Mac fill in for her, but Mac is skeptical.Nikki wants to have a say in the shoot but the director will have none of it. Brad is there to support Nikki and intends to present a united front to Jack and Ashley.Nick decides to tell Victoria about branching out with the coffeehouse and Victoria is happy for him. When Victoria sees posters of her Brash & Sassy ads up on the walls of her office, she violently rips them down.Ashley enters Olivia‘s hospital r