Ep. #6907

Season 28, Episode 62 -  Air Date: 6/20/2000
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Victor finds Nikki at the Jabot lab. Nikki thinks he is there to see Ashley and they begin hurling verbal insults at each other. Victor is upset that Nikki didn‘t inform him about Nick‘s idea to expand the coffeehouse. Nikki is thrilled that Nick is trying to make a life for himself outside the family.Victor arrives home in a bad mood. Diane takes advantage of the situation by offering Victor a drink and a massage. After he has relaxed, she tells him that the house she bid on fell through. Victor tells her she can stay with him until she finds something else.Victoria arrives home and is glad to be back. She tells Nikki how much she loves her and realizes that it‘s her mother who holds the family together.Jack suggests to Billy that they use the pool house for the GLOW live website promotion. When Mac finds out about it, she is somewhat dismayed. She was hoping that the project would fall through so she wouldn‘t have to spend so much time around Billy.Neil admits to Dru that Olivia