Ep. #6906

Season 28, Episode 61 -  Air Date: 6/19/2000
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Victor is furious when he finds out that Nick is opening a Crimson Lights franchise in Milwaukee and plans to continue opening others. Nick doesn‘t feel he needs Victor‘s approval and insists he knows what he is doing. Victor tells Nick that his future is based on what Victor has given him.Victoria is bored at the spa and goes to see Ryan in Seattle.Ryan admits to her that Tricia has left him and he doubts she will be coming back.Victoria offers to stay with him until his business is settled, but Ryan feels there is too much history between them for her to stay.Jill is shocked when Lauren Fenmore shows up with prom dresses for Mac to try on. This prompts Jill to ask Brittany to fly out to Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles with her to find the perfect dress. Jill doesn‘t want Mac outdoing the eventual prom queen and GLOW GIRL.When Lauren goes to visit Jack, she can tell there are problems going on at Jabot, but Jack doesn‘t want to discuss it. He is thrilled that she is in town and recall