Ep. #6905

Season 28, Episode 60 -  Air Date: 6/16/2000
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Victor tells Neil that his major concern is mending fences with Nick. He decides to stop insisting Nick sell the coffeehouse and give him a board seat at Newman Enterprises.Chris defends Michael to Sharon, saying that he never told Alice about the adoption. Alice only found out about the adoption after Cassie called to invite her to the adoption party.As the party winds down, Trina comes to interview with Nick. Victor eyes them carefully and tells Nick they should talk later. Nick is very impressed with Trina‘s credentials and welcomes her aboard as head of the Milwaukee store.Victor overhears Nick telling Trina his hopes of opening a string of Crimson Lights in the future.Victoria makes a surprise visit to Ryan in Seattle. She tells him she couldn‘t stand being a patient any longer and needed to leave the spa. When she asks how Tricia is doing, Ryan accuses her of looking for gossip about his wife and him, but he finally admits that Tricia left him.Jill tells Kay that Lauren‘s dr