Ep. #6904

Season 28, Episode 59 -  Air Date: 6/15/2000
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Sharon and Miguel prepare for Cassie‘s party. Nick tells Sharon he set up an interview with a potential new manager for Crimson Lights II that evening.John Silva comes by to drop off the adoption papers. Sharon and Nick are thrilled that Cassie is officially theirs. The party begins at the ranch and Nikki realizes Victor will be attending.The party guests mingle and when Chris arrives, Nikki wonders why she isn‘t handling the adoption. Nick tells her that Chris is now a partner with Michael Baldwin.Alice and Millie arrive. Alice eases the tension when she gives Cassie a photo album containing baby pictures of her.Sharon overhears Alice and Chris discussing Michael Baldwin‘s recent phone call to Alice. Sharon yells at Chris for getting Michael involved in the adoption.Nina tells Chris that she doesn‘t have enough time for her writing because her time is divided between Phillip and Tomas. She admits to Tomas that he‘s taking up too much of her time.Esther tells Jill that Mac will b