Ep. #6903

Season 28, Episode 58 -  Air Date: 6/14/2000
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Victor arrives home, still brooding over Ashley. Diane realizes he‘s upset over Ashley and Victor asks Diane to join him for dinner. When Victor leaves the room to change, Marissa enters with Diane‘s luggage, but Diane tells her to put the luggage back.Marissa explains that the bid she placed on the house has been accepted and she can move right away. Diane tells her that she isn‘t going anywhere.Ashley is having dinner at the Lodge with Brad when she spots Victor with Diane. Nikki admits to Nick that she is working for Jabot.Nick has misgivings and tells her there could be repercussions if Victor finds out. Nick is shocked to hear that Victor had been trying to bring Jabot down. Nikki informs Jack that Nick knows about her job.Jack tells her that he‘s worried that Brad is trying to make inroads with Ashley, but Nikki thinks that Jack should be more concerned with Victor where Ashley is concerned.Nick assures Sharon that he won‘t be consumed with work once the new coffeehouse is b