Ep. #6902

Season 28, Episode 57 -  Air Date: 6/13/2000
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Nikki accuses Ashley of being so desperate to get pregnant, that she had to sleep with a stranger on a cruise. Ashley slaps Nikki and Nikki threatens to knock her teeth out. Brad enters to break up the fight and Nikki realizes that Brad knows all about Ashley‘s relationship with Victor. Furious that he didn‘t tell her, Nikki leaves.Ashley agrees that Brad is doing the right thing by having an indirect voice on Jabot‘s board and being involved with the men‘s line which isn‘t in direct competition with Newman Enterprises. Ashley believes there is still no guarantee that Victor won‘t sue Jabot.Nikki accepts Cassie‘s invitation to her party and talks to Nick about her newfound independence. Nick admits that he is opening a new coffeehouse in Milwaukee and Nikki is supportive.When Nick asks Nikki about her new job, she is vague and leaves the room. Nick accidentally sees a Jabot Cosmetics binder with Nikki‘s name on it.Raul explains that a summer house idea can be done using a website w