Ep. #6901

Season 28, Episode 56 -  Air Date: 6/12/2000
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Ashley tells Victor that he means the world to her, but since she cannot trust him, their relationship has to be over. Victor insists it will never be over for them.Neil explains to Victor that he still hasn‘t figured out who came up with the other half of Jabot‘s loan.Nikki is familiarizing herself with the building when she sees Ashley talking with Victor. Nikki realizes that Ashley is Victor‘s new love interest, and asks if this was going on during her marriage.Jack is concerned about the fallout if Brad gets a board seat and consults Michael for legal advice. Michael feels Victor‘s non-compete clause will be a tough one to beat.Instead of having a board seat, Michael suggests putting Brad in an area that isn‘t directly competing with ""Brash and Sassy.""Jack and Brad are furious when Michael reveals that Jack offered him a deal, and Brad would make Jabot his client if Michael supported him in obtaining a board seat.Brittany tells her friends how excited she is about the new GLO