Ep. #6900

Season 28, Episode 55 -  Air Date: 6/9/2000
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Brad thinks the prom queen ad campaign might work, but is angry with Jack for keeping him out of the loop. Jack insists they can‘t do anything to make Victor suspicious. Neil doesn‘t understand what Victor is going to do with the information regarding Brad‘s loan to Jabot. Victor insists he wants to use it to his advantage and goes to see Ashley. Victor lets her know that he is aware that Brad is breaking his contract with Newman Enterprises by working for the competition. However, he promises he won‘t move forward with legal action because it would put a financial strain on Jabot. Ashley is stunned and kisses him.J.T. is upset because Brittany is excited about being crowned prom queen and possibly GLOW GIRL. He decides to do something to change her mood.Amberly and Pam agree that Brittany is full of herself. They wish that someone sweet like Mac would win.Michael tells Chris that Nick and Sharon made a big mistake by not letting her handle Cassie‘s adoption. He feels bad about the