Ep. #6899

Season 28, Episode 54 -  Air Date: 6/8/2000
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Jack, Ashley and Billy head for the Coffeehouse to find out if the kids are actually going to vote for Brittany. Jill‘s idea of a prom queen for the GLOW GIRL might be just what they need to promote the product. Jack asks Mac‘s opinion of the idea and she thinks it‘s very cool.Later, Mac and Kay discuss her dress for the prom. Kay thinks she can have one delivered from Lauren Fenmore out on the coast. Victor asks Diane who the father is, but she doesn‘t want to discuss it.Victor informs her that his plans have changed and she can stay at the apartment until the escrow closes on her new place. Diane is thrilled, believing all along that this baby would keep her in Victor‘s life.Back at the office, Neil informs Victor that part of the Jabot loan came from Brad‘s account.Malcolm worries that Olivia is sicker than she is letting on because she has suddenly decided to let Nate visit her.Olivia is thrilled to see Nate and knows she must get well to be there for him as he grows up.Nina