Ep. #6898

Season 28, Episode 53 -  Air Date: 6/7/2000
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Jack explains that they are lucky Brad and Nikki put up the money or else Victor would have stolen the company from them. John isn‘t happy that they both want seats on the board. Jack mentions that Brad had a clause in his contract with Victor and legally can‘t accept a job with the competition. He tells John he is working on it with a lawyer. Jack tries to comfort Ashley over her broken relationship with Victor, but she turns away.Brad meets up with Michael at the restaurant and tries to lay the ground work for his dealings with Jack. Victor tells Diane he had no idea she was pregnant and wants her to spend another night in the apartment. He wonders who the father could be.Victor then calls Ashley, begging her not to hang up. She tells him that he has deliberately hurt her family and hangs up the receiver.Dru is upset when she learns that she is not an exact match to her sister. However, the bone marrow transplant can still take place.Olivia asks Neil to bring Nate to the hospital