Ep. #6896

Season 28, Episode 51 -  Air Date: 6/5/2000
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Ashley informs Brad that Victor was holding the note on Jabot. She thinks it‘s possible that Victor may have been using her the whole time they were together.Nikki enters the boardroom as Ashley leaves to look in on Olivia. Nikki wonders why Ashley was in Brad‘s arms when she arrived. Brad is flattered but explains he was just comforting her because she is pregnant.Victor is determined to find out who loaned money to the Abbotts and asks Connie to track down Brad.Jack goes to Michael Baldwin for legal advice; he feels that he and Brad need an objective mediator. Michael concludes that Jack wants him to side with him. Jack promises that it will be worth his while.Raul overhears Billy and Mac talk about the shelter and wonders why they didn‘t tell him they were working together. Billy assures him they didn‘t plan it.Brittany is excited when Jill offers her the role of GLOW GIRL and goes to the coffeehouse to tell everyone.J.T. points out that it‘s not a sure thing that Brittany is