Ep. #6895

Season 28, Episode 50 -  Air Date: 6/2/2000
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Nikki explains to Victor that she is doing design work at Jabot. He accuses Jack of using her and suggests she has better things to do with her time, like taking a long cruise. Nikki hands him her business card and leaves.Ashley realizes that Jill is on to her pregnancy and decides to make a formal announcement at a board meeting.Jill can tell that Brad and Jack already knew her news. Jill feels the company needs a GLOW girl just as Victoria was for BRASH & SASSY. She knows the perfect person... Brittany. Later, Brad asks Ashley to be honest with him about her relationship with Victor.Mac and Brittany have a talk at the Coffeehouse. Mac hopes they can be friends. Raul and Billy are shocked to see Mac and Brittany arrive at school together.J.T. hears Rianna talk about Brittany becoming prom queen, but J.T. doesn‘t want her to win because he thinks she hangs out with losers now.Neil must make a decision about Olivia‘s proposal to become Nate‘s legal guardian. After he hears Dr. Walk