Ep. #6894

Season 28, Episode 49 -  Air Date: 6/1/2000
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Diane reminds Victor that she is moving out today. She insists on making breakfast for him, pondering when to tell him about her pregnancy. Later she tells Marissa that since Ashley is now out of the picture, Victor will only have her to turn to. Marissa is skeptical. Diane feels that something inside of her isn‘t right. Nick and Sharon invite Nikki to their adoption party.Nikki is surprised to find out that Chris isn‘t handling the case, but Sharon makes up an excuse to cover. Nikki tells both of them that she has gotten a job in the fashion design area, but she doesn‘t want to go into the details. Later, she heads to Victor‘s office.Mac confides in Nina that she wasn‘t able to open up to Billy. She lost her nerve when Billy started talking about how Brittany might be the right girl for him.Rianna is excited to reveal to Brittany and Jill that Brittany is a candidate for prom queen. If Billy is her date, then he will probably be elected king. Jill confirms with Brittany that she us