Ep. #6893

Season 28, Episode 48 -  Air Date: 5/31/2000
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Ashley is furious at Victor. She is no longer blinded by love and sees him for the manipulative, ruthless man he really is. She never wants anything to do with him again and leaves.Diane is surprised when she learns that Jack had no idea she informed Ashley of Victor‘s plot to take over Jabot. Jack admires the fact that she was able to get Ashley out of Victor‘s life and now stands a chance with him.Michael is about to call Alice when Nick barges into his office. Nick states that Chris will not be handling Cassie‘s final adoption and wants Michael to stay clear of Alice. When Michael finally does speak to Alice, he holds back the fact that Sharon and Nick are planning to adopt Cassie. However, the mention of Cassie‘s name sets Alice‘s mind in motion.Chris confides in Paul that she won‘t be working on Cassie‘s case any longer. Paul tells her not to beat herself up over it and urges her to move on.Malcolm overhears Olivia tell Neil that she wants him to be Nate‘s guardian, but Neil a