Ep. #6892

Season 28, Episode 47 -  Air Date: 5/30/2000
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Victor calls Nikki and demands to know why she isn‘t taking care of Victoria at the ranch. Nikki rushes home to find out what‘s wrong. When Victor arrives, they are able to talk Victoria into spending time at a spa in order to get her mind off Gary. Nikki wants to talk to Victor about what‘s going on, but he just stares at her and heads for the door. She exclaims that he won‘t be able to ignore her for long.Jack and Ashley discuss the fact that Victor has been buying up their loans since the first of the year. Ashley heads for Victor‘s office to confront him. Before she gets there, she fantasizes about greeting Victor coming home from work. He tells her he can‘t keep his mind off her. When she comes out of the fantasy, she storms into his office asking how he could do this to her.Chris is angry that Michael went after an account without asking her. He is ready to call and give the case up when Chris stops him. She brings up Cassie‘s adoption and Michael tells her that he will have to