Ep. #6891

Season 28, Episode 46 -  Air Date: 5/29/2000
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Ashley is looking at a magazine article about Victor Newman. She flashes back to recent moments with Victor and wonders how many times can she continue to let herself be fooled by him.Jack arrives to update Ashley on the Jabot loan situation. It seems that the companies that held the loans have been bought up by another company. They both realize that Victor must be behind it.Brock senses there is something wrong with Mac and wants to help her. She confides in him about Billy and that there is no way he could ever care for her. Brock wants to be there for her and Mac appreciates it. She calls him Dad for the first time.Billy is down by the pool looking at a picture of Mac when Brittany arrives. He is glad to see her. When Raul realizes Mac hasn‘t arrived he calls her at home. She tells him she isn‘t feeling well, but he talks her into coming over to Billy‘s for awhile.Brock and Kay talk about the loss of Kay‘s husband, Phillip. Brock tells both her and Jill that they must honor his