Ep. #6890

Season 28, Episode 45 -  Air Date: 5/26/2000
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Kay visits Victoria and tries to convince her to rest before returning to the office. Victor is furious when he finds out that Nikki left Victoria alone to go shopping.In the Jabot boardroom, Jack, Jill, Ashley, Brad and Nikki are trying to define their roles in the company. Nikki is insulted when Ashley states that she should be placed where she can get the best training. Later, Nikki is taking in the ambience of the boardroom when Victor calls, demanding to know where she is.Sharon and Nick are stunned that Chris is working with Michael Baldwin. Chris asks them to give him another chance. When Chris leaves, they approach Paul and ask how he can support what Chris is doing.Back at the office, Chris is upset that Michael made a pitch without talking to her first. Michael defends himself by saying many law firms are after the case. He feels justified when he receives a call telling him they have the case.Billy and Mac talk about their relationship. Billy decides that they will be be