Ep. #6889

Season 28, Episode 44 -  Air Date: 5/25/2000
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Brad and Nikki get together before their first board meeting. They are both excited and begin to kiss, but Jill arrives and tells them to save it. During the meeting, Jill comments on Nikki‘s behavior in the boardroom. Brad steps in and tells them to be civil since they are on the same team. Jill feels like they are ganging up on her and leaves.Victoria is asking Neil about Ryan when he calls her on her other phone. He explains that he needed to get Tricia out of town and that he called to see how she was doing. Victoria can‘t believe she let Gary get that close to her.Sharon and Nick invite Chris and Paul to Cassie‘s party once the adoption is legalized. They ask Chris to help them write up the adoption petition but she thinks there is a conflict now that she is partners with Michael Baldwin.Brittany tells Billy about her meeting with Jill and Jill‘s questioning about Billy‘s drinking. She apologizes for offering him a drink the other night. Billy thinks Brittany is incredible and