Ep. #6888

Season 28, Episode 43 -  Air Date: 5/24/2000
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When Victoria returns from the hospital, she tells her parents that it‘s good to be home. Victor and Nikki express concern about her recovery, but she insists that she must get on with her life. Later, Victoria looks out the window and remembers her nightmare experience with Gary. She breaks down and sobs.Ashley is angry with Jack. If it wasn‘t for the bad blood between Victor and him, she would still have her relationship with Victor. Ashley is worried that Victor bought up more of the Jabot debts than they are aware of and wants to find out exactly what debts Victor owns.Nikki‘s enthusiasm for her new position at Jabot forces Jack to warn her to restrain herself when it comes to Ashley. Ashley has more knowledge in the business than she does.Mac is surprised when Brittany shows up at the Chancellor Estate. Jill wants Brittany to help keep Billy from drinking. Raul tells Mac that they should put in a good word about Brittany to Billy‘s parents.Tomas lets Nina shave off his moustac