Ep. #6887

Season 28, Episode 42 -  Air Date: 5/23/2000
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Ashley feels that Jack should tell John about the new loan before John hears about it somewhere else. He agrees, but wants to do so in person. Ashley is sorry she let her guard down with Victor and is now paying the price.Victor wonders if there is any connection between Jabot‘s loan being paid off and Ashley‘s mood change. Diane knows something is bothering him and tries to find out what it is. Victor doesn‘t think it‘s any of her business. Victor demands that Forsythe find out how the whole thing went down. Later, Victor answers the phone and when no one speaks, he asks if it is Ashley. He desperately wants to talk to her.Jill finds Brittany and Billy alone at the pool area. Brittany excuses herself and Billy tries to defend himself, swearing that Raul and Mac just left. He explains that he likes Brittany and wants Jill to reconsider his grounding. Jill tells herself that she will have to get to know Brittany better.Mac daydreams that Billy can‘t stop thinking about her.Dru is sh