Ep. #6886

Season 28, Episode 41 -  Air Date: 5/22/2000
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Victor is trying to come to a decision about the Jabot loan when Ryan arrives at his office. Forsythe leaves the two alone to talk.Ryan informs Victor that he wants to take an assignment in Seattle because of his situation with Tricia.In the Jabot boardroom, Brad decides he will never be able to work with Jack and refuses to help with the loan. Jack doesn‘t want Brad around either.Jack tries to call Kay for financial help, but when he learns Kay is gone, he accuses Nikki of sending her away so he would have to close the deal with Brad.Victor comes to a decision about the loan. He has Forsythe call Jack and tell him the loan will be paid off. Jack tells him that they don‘t need the money, knowing Jill and Nikki have finally welcomed Brad aboard. Victor wants to know where they were able to come up with the money.Neil and Dru come to the conclusion that a life together would never work for them. Dru makes arrangements to leave the next day.Dr. Walker informs Malcolm that Olivia has