Ep. #6885

Season 28, Episode 40 -  Air Date: 5/19/2000
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At first, Ashley refuses to reveal to Jack how she knows that they are being swindled. She then confesses to Jack that Victor is behind the deceit and they need to make a deal with Brad and Nikki as soon as possible. When Brad finds out that Jack is part of the negotiations, he declines to be a part of it.Forsythe finally meets Victor and informs him that the Abbott meeting went well. Victor tells him he is reevaluating his entire strategy because he may have too much to lose.Nick admits to Warton that he was wrong about him being the stalker. However, he can‘t forget about what happened between them while they were in prison together. Warton answers his cell phone and quietly tells someone that he is getting reacquainted with their mutual friend, Nick.Tricia finally agrees to go with Ryan. Keith offers her a place to stay if things don‘t work out and warns Ryan not to mess up.Neil wonders why he and Dru ever slept together. He wishes they had worked things through before she left.