Ep. #6882

Season 28, Episode 37 -  Air Date: 5/16/2000
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Gary returns to the tree house with rope and a knife. He wants to secure Victoria and sedate her so he can escape. He promises that he won‘t hurt her but needs to silence the Gabrielle‘s voice in his head. Nick thinks he knows where Gary may have taken Victoria. They head for the tree house and hear Victoria screaming, but Gary warns them to stay away as he slowly backs up to the railing.Jill and Ashley are at odds about the status of Jabot. Ashley storms out after Jill taunts her about her relationship with Victor.Jack and Forsythe finally meet face to face. Jack hands him the papers to sign, but Forsythe says he must take them before the board. Jack is worried that the final okay will be too late.Ryan tells Nina and Tomas that he doesn‘t know what to do about Tricia. While he hopes that his love will carry them through, at the same time, Keith is convincing Tricia that she must come back to London with him.