Ep. #6881

Season 28, Episode 36 -  Air Date: 5/15/2000
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Victoria tries to convince Gary that the woman‘s voice he is hearing isn‘t hers. She is finally able to free herself, but before she can escape, Gary stops her to make sure she is no longer a threat to him.When Nick finally arrives at home, Victor questions why he was in Milwaukee. Nick replies that it‘s more important to find Victoria than explain his trip right now. He leaves to meet Paul and Ross at the Newman tack room.Ryan mentions to Tricia that he heard Megan is staying with a friend in Boston. Tricia refuses to go out to dinner because she thinks people look at her as the person who murdered Tony.Phillip arrives home and meets Tomas. He questions Nina‘s relationship with him and then leaves to meet a friend.Malcolm tells Dru how much Neil loves her and how upset he was when she left town. Dru is adamant that Neil must accept her career if he wants to get back together.Olivia tries to talk to Neil about Dru, but he doesn‘t want to discuss it and tells Olivia to back off.