Ep. #6880

Season 28, Episode 35 -  Air Date: 5/12/2000
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Victoria talks Gary into getting some water. When he leaves, she is able to free her wrists. Gary returns and Victoria hides her hands. As Victoria is telling Gary that she forgives him because he is her friend, Gary begins to hear Gabrielle‘s voice telling him how pathetic he is. He screams that he will shut her up.Victor is discussing the Forsythe issue with Neil when Ashley arrives at his office. Victor fears she has overheard his conversation. She embraces him and then suggests he go home and be with Nikki.Jack visits Nikki at the ranch to try and comfort her.Mac is questioning Billy about his evening at the pool house when Brittany arrives. When Brittany expresses how much fun she had last night, Mac‘s face reveals there is something wrong. When Mac leaves, Brittany asks Billy if Mac has a thing for him. Mac watches as the two kiss.Mamie arrives at Olivia‘s office. She wants to know what‘s going on between Olivia and Neil. Liv admits there‘s something there, but the timing has