Ep. #6879

Season 28, Episode 34 -  Air Date: 5/11/2000
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Paul informs Victor that Genoa City has been completely blocked off and suggests that they try an air search. Victor okays it and then thinks of something else.Ashley and Jack are arguing over the Jabot loan. Jack wonders if Victor is somehow involved with the loan and it being in jeopardy. Their attention is drawn to the TV, where Victor is pleading for the release of his daughter.Nikki watches from her living room in tears. Nick and Sharon leave with the kids to play miniature golf just as the report comes on.Victoria wakes up in the tree house with her wrists taped so she can‘t escape. She begs Gary to let her go, promising not to reveal his location. Gary accuses her of lying and vows the police won‘t take him.Mac and Billy almost collide in the school hallway. He comments on her kissing Raul the night before and she gets on his case about going down to the pool house with Brittany. He asks if it bothered her.In Paris, Dru is getting ready for a photo shoot when Malcolm arrive