Ep. #6878

Season 28, Episode 33 -  Air Date: 5/10/2000
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Nikki suggests that maybe Gary and Victoria just went off to be alone. Paul tells her about the pictures and stationary found in Gary‘s apartment. Victor and Nikki go back to the ranch to wait for word on their daughter. Nikki wonders where Nick and his family could be when she can‘t get hold of them on the phone.Nick tells Cassie that when they get home, he is going to fix up his old tree house for her and Noah to play in.Diane admits to Michael that she knows Victor plans to take over Jabot and she intends to tell Ashley. Michael warns her that she might ruin her chances with Victor.Billy and Brittany head for the pool house and leave Mac and Raul to be alone. Mac can‘t help but watch Billy leave. Brittany takes out a bottle of liquor and wants Billy to take a sip to loosen up, but he refuses. He asserts that he just wants the two of them to hang out.Brock gets in the middle of a feud between Jill and Katherine. She warns him not to side with Kay just because she‘s family.