Ep. #6877

Season 28, Episode 32 -  Air Date: 5/9/2000
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Victor and Forsythe are going over the plan to ruin Jack when Victor gets a call from Paul, telling him that Victoria is in trouble.Nikki and Brad are at Gina‘s when Victor calls Nikki to meet him at the D.A.‘s office. Paul explains to them that Gary is the stalker and has abducted Victoria. He assures them that she will be found soon.Sharon and Nick are making vacation plans and fail to answer the phone call from Victor.Diane wants to vent her problems regarding Victor to Michael, but he isn‘t interested in her love life. She then tells him that she overheard Victor and Neil talk about Jabot and how they are taking revenge on Jack. Michael advises her not to say anything and let it blow up in Victor‘s face.Billy and Mac meet up at the shelter after school. Brock arrives and questions why Billy is there. Mac wants to know why her father was rude to Billy.Nina is surprised to see that things are going well with Chris and Paul. Chris tells Nina that Paul decided to support her decis