Ep. #6876

Season 28, Episode 31 -  Air Date: 5/8/2000
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Victoria sees her pictures on the bedroom wall. She panics and tries to leave, but Gary is standing at the door. He tries to explain to Victoria that he never intended to hurt her. She must understand that he has changed since being with her.When Paul can‘t reach Victoria on her cell phone he calls her bodyguard and tells him to wait there. When Paul arrives, they decide to break down the door.Sharon and Nick talk about how happy they are together. They hope that Victoria and Gary can someday share the same joy.Jack pleads with Katherine to help Jabot. Nikki doesn‘t want Katherine to help because she wants Jack to accept her and Brad‘s offer. Jack is angry and leaves.Back at the office he receives a call from Forsythe telling him he wants to discuss the Jabot loan when he comes to town.Forsythe then calls Victor to let him know that Jack is taking the bait. Victor fears that his scheme might hurt Ashley.Diane finds Brad and informs him that Victor and Ashley are seeing each other