Ep. #6874

Season 28, Episode 29 -  Air Date: 5/4/2000
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Ashley asks Victor about his dinner with Diane. He doesn‘t anticipate any problems with her and soon she will be out of his life permanently. He wants Ashley to move in with him. Diane tells Michael that she wants revenge on the woman who took Victor away from her and she thinks it‘s Ashley, but she‘s not certain.Meanwhile, Marissa sees Victor holding Ashley‘s hand at Yves‘ restaurant. Victoria tells Gary she is looking forward to dinner at his place. He claims a grease fire in his kitchen has made a huge mess and he promises she can come over when it‘s cleaned up.Later, a curious Victoria and her bodyguard arrive at Gary‘s. Paul seeks out Dr. Cooper to discuss the stalker. They agree that Ross doesn‘t fit the profile. They should be looking for a man who fantasizes about a woman than actually be with her.Megan declines Keith‘s invitation to spend time in London with him because she feels she needs time to herself. Megan comes to Tricia‘s apartment to say good-bye and finds her sist