Ep. #6873

Season 28, Episode 28 -  Air Date: 5/3/2000
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Diane feels the evening is going well until Victor tells her that she has to vacate his apartment in two weeks. He offers to put her up in a hotel. The evening ends without her revealing to Victor that she is pregnant. She vows that he will not get rid of her.Ashley informs Olivia that she is dating Victor. Olivia wonders how Jack is taking the news.Nikki finds Jack and suggests that she and Brad help bail Jabot out of its financial bind. Jack is adamant about not working with Brad, but he would accept a loan from Katherine.Cassie is excited about the party Nick wants to throw for her official adoption. She wants all her friends and family there.Ryan tells Megan that he knows Tricia would never hurt Tony on purpose, but Megan is furious that Ryan would defend her. He asks how he can help. Megan wants a job so she can save enough money and leave.Tomas and Nina have a great time at Chris and Paul‘s. However, Nina tells Chris that she is afraid the situation between Megan and Tricia