Ep. #6872

Season 28, Episode 27 -  Air Date: 5/2/2000
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A reluctant Jack leaves Victor and Ashley alone. Ashley feels her baby move and asks Victor if he wants to feel it. They happily share a beautiful moment together.When Ashley asks if he wants to have dinner tonight, he reminds her that he is dining with Diane. When he arrives home, Diane tells him she wants everything to be just right. He thinks their talk is long overdue.Brad and Nikki discuss pooling their money and buying into Jabot. Brad has another idea; they could buy out a different company and work as a team.Billy and Mac have a good time working together at the shelter. When they realize what personal feelings they have for each other, Billy suggests they be honest with themselves and go for it.Megan wants to apologize to Sharon and thanks her for exposing the truth. She still wonders if Tricia hit Tony on purpose, but only Tricia knows for sure.Ryan asks Tricia why she would have kissed Tony. She claims she was confused and begs him not to turn his back on her. Again Rya