Ep. #6871

Season 28, Episode 26 -  Air Date: 5/1/2000
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When Jill spots Victor at Gina‘s she questions him about his relationship with Ashley. He responds that it‘s none of her concern. She counters that it is her concern when it affects Jabot.Nikki shows up at Brad‘s door. She doesn‘t want him to back away from the Jill‘s offer. If he gets a foot in Jabot then maybe there is a chance for her.Jack refuses to listen to Ashley‘s plea to get financial help from Brad or Victor. She doesn‘t believe things can get much worse at this point. Victor arrives and Jack wants to know what he‘s doing there.Victoria takes Gary to the old tree house at the ranch for their picnic. They both enjoy the privacy and share a few kisses.When Ross refuses to talk, Paul turns to a girl from the office that Ross had dated. Susan tells Paul that Ross was full of himself, but she thought Gary was really cute.Raul runs into Brittany at the coffeehouse. He hopes they can all end up being friends. Brittany rolls her eyes; she can‘t think of anything duller.Mac and