Ep. #6870

Season 28, Episode 25 -  Air Date: 4/28/2000
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Brad visits Ashley at the Jabot lab. She asks if Jill has told him about the company‘s financial troubles. Brad confirms that he turned Jill down, but wanted to see how they were doing. An enraged Jack walks in and orders Brad to leave. Brad thinks Jack is stubborn and doesn‘t know why they tolerate him. Jill is able to dodge John‘s questions about her fight with Jack by changing the subject to Billy.John informs Jill that Billy is going to work at the shelter. At school, Billy lets Brittany know that she can visit the house as long as Mac and Raul are there. She isn‘t pleased with the arrangement, but it is a big house and she hopes they can have some time alone.Later, Billy goes to the shelter and finds out he will be working alongside Mac.Miguel welcomes Nikki home and then tells Victoria her picnic is ready. Gary arrives at the ranch. He explains he doesn‘t have much time. When Victoria offers to call his boss, he agrees to go on a picnic in the woods with her, minus her bodygua