Ep. #6869

Season 28, Episode 24 -  Air Date: 4/27/2000
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Victor is thrilled when Neil tells him that Jack took the bait and contacted Forsythe regarding the loan. Jack stole Victor‘s company from him and he wants to squeeze every last drop of agony out of him.Ashley tells Jack that she believes an alliance with Victor could open a window of opportunity, but Jack thinks it would be a fatal mistake. Jack feels that Ashley is being conned by Victor.Sharon tells Victoria that they are planning a celebration for Cassie‘s formal adoption. Nick asks her about Gary. He wants to know how the romance is progressing.Later, Victoria invites Gary to the ranch for a working lunch. He tries to dissuade her but she insists. Gary hears a woman‘s voice telling him that everyone is going to know that he couldn‘t do it.Paul explains to Chris that he thinks the person who gave Ross the bail money is the real stalker.Keith insists that Megan take a long, hard look at the role she played in this family mess. Her relationship with Tony was only infatuation. Th