Ep. #6868

Season 28, Episode 23 -  Air Date: 4/26/2000
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When Victor returns home, he wonders why Diane is so curious about his trip to Maine. She covers by telling him she will cook dinner at home tonight. Victor thinks it‘s a great idea, which thrills Diane.Jill and Jack are anxious about their impending loan disaster. Ashley tells them to calm down and suggests that maybe Victor could help them. Jack thinks she is out of her mind.Malcolm wonders why Olivia is so concerned about Dru and Neil. She assures him that she has no lingering feelings for Neil. If Neil and Dru were to get back together, she would be the first to congratulate them. Dru tells Neil that she plans to return to Paris. Neil feels foolish for thinking things would be different this time.Nick asks Sharon if she thinks its right to not allow Megan to put the tragedy of Tony‘s death behind her. He is sure the truth will come out without her interference.Tricia is angry when Ryan won‘t tell her where Megan is staying. When Megan walks in the front door, Tricia demands to