Ep. #6867

Season 28, Episode 22 -  Air Date: 4/25/2000
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Victor tells Ashley that he is having dinner with Diane tomorrow evening to discuss some important issues. Ashley doesn‘t understand. Victor changes the subject and tells her what a great mother she will make.Diane confides in Michael that she thought she and Victor were growing closer, but she thinks he has another woman. She vows not to allow Victor to leave her again.Megan decides to stay with Nina. She doesn‘t want to face the truth about Tricia. Keith finally realizes that Tricia is in a very complicated situation and should go back to Ryan and her marriage. When she arrives home, she avoids going to bed with Ryan, telling him she‘s tired from a long day.Paul tells Chris that he will accept her decision to work with Michael. He loves her and misses her.Dru, Neil and Lily return from a lovely evening together. Neil tells Dru that the guestroom is made up for her. Dru tells herself she can‘t get sucked into this family situation.