Ep. #6866

Season 28, Episode 21 -  Air Date: 4/24/2000
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Ashley and Victor are heading to their destination aboard the Newman jet. Victor finds it fascinating getting to know her again.Diane is overwhelmed to find out she is having Victor‘s child. She phones the jet to get in touch with him but when Ashley answers, Diane hangs up.Victoria and Gary agree that it‘s getting late and they both have to work tomorrow. She gets a kiss out of him and then he leaves. Later, Gary hears the voice of his old girlfriend asking why he can‘t have sex with her. He grabs a letter opener and violently slashes at the pictures of Victoria.Billy confides in Jack that it would be easier for him if Brittany was there when Mac came over. Jack tells him he can‘t mask his feelings forever. John offers to ease up on Billy‘s grounding if he promises to work at the homeless shelter.Mac explains to Brock that she and Billy are just good friends, but Brock and Kay still don‘t think Mac and Billy should hang out together.Paul tells Chris that they are at an impasse in