Ep. #6865

Season 28, Episode 20 -  Air Date: 4/21/2000
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Victoria instructs her bodyguard not to frisk Gary since she is expecting him. She then gives Miguel the night off. After dinner Victoria gives Gary a very romantic kiss, but he pulls away and stares at her. She innocently asks what‘s wrong.Paul has a strong feeling that whoever put up the bail for Ross is also the stalker.Jack is nervous about what Jill might be saying, but Ashley tells him not to worry. If they fail, they will fail as a family. A limo then picks Ashley up and takes her to Victor‘s private plane where they will fly to a romantic spot for dinner.Jill explains to Brad that she‘s trying to raise $70 million to cover the Jabot loan. Jill emphasizes an ownership position in the company and urges him to think about it.Diane sends Marissa out to buy a pregnancy test knowing that results could change her life -- and Victor‘s-- forever.Raul and Mac arrive at Billy‘s house but can‘t find him. When Raul goes upstairs, Mac finds Billy asleep on the couch. Billy is confused.