Ep. #6864

Season 28, Episode 19 -  Air Date: 4/20/2000
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Victoria is impressed with Gary‘s new ideas. She wants to celebrate by having him cook dinner at his place. Gary says his place is a mess and was hoping she would fix him dinner at the ranch. Victoria doesn‘t think they will have privacy out there until Nikki tells her that she is leaving for New York. Victoria only hopes it isn‘t with Brad.Jack is counting on Cheyenne Partners, the new holder of the Jabot loan, to give him an extension. Jill thinks it‘s strange that the loan was bought out at this time. Jack worries that Jill will go to John with this information. Instead, she goes to Brad telling him of an opportunity at Jabot. Victor is dead set on destroying Jack and Brad, but he doesn‘t want to include John and Ashley.John offers to help out at the homeless shelter where Brock and Mac are working. Raul arrives to ask Mac if she wants to go visit Billy. She is reluctant at first, but John urges her to go.Billy is on his way home from school when Brittany spots him. She isn‘t hap