Ep. #6863

Season 28, Episode 18 -  Air Date: 4/19/2000
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Victor and Ashley end their kiss. Victor suggests they keep their relationship from Jack. Ashley promises she won‘t offer any information, but he‘s bound to find out.Jack learns that the Jabot loan was taken over by a company called Cheyenne Partners. He is determined to find out who owns the company.Victor informs Neil that Jack knows about the loan. He can try all he wants, but Jack will never find out that Victor controls Cheyenne Partners.Nikki shows Brad how she put some sketches together on the computer. Hopefully she can make some headway with Ashley.Paul complains to Nina that he can‘t understand how Chris could take a job working with Michael. Nina warns him that Michael will have the last laugh if Paul continues to act this way.Mary confronts Chris about working with Michael and what it‘s doing to her marriage. Chris is firm when she tells Mary that she controls her career.Neil confides in Malcolm that he slept with Dru. Malcolm is happy for him.Dru confides in Olivia