Ep. #6862

Season 28, Episode 17 -  Air Date: 4/18/2000
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Diane is fairly confident that she is making inroads with Victor when Ashley arrives. Victor tells Diane he wants some privacy. Ashley is sorry that she upset Victor with her pregnancy. She would never intentionally hurt him. He kisses her.Tricia confronts Grace, wondering what she is doing in Genoa City. Grace tells her that she is here to find out what happened to Tony. Tricia begs her not to say anything to Megan. Grace tells her she is going back to New York, not revealing that she has already told Megan everything. Megan can‘t stop thinking about the idea of her sister killing Tony.Nina suggests that she speak to Tricia directly. Megan is afraid of what she might hear.Paul is angry when Michael calls for Chris early in the morning. Chris asks Paul to try and understand her excitement over being part of a new law firm.Neil and Dru wake up in each others arms, surprised at the passion they still feel for each other.