Ep. #6861

Season 28, Episode 16 -  Air Date: 4/17/2000
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Diane informs Marissa that she will know in a week if she is pregnant. Marissa gives her a parenting magazine for good luck.When Victor finds the magazine he questions Diane. She insists she was looking at it to find a baby gift. She then tells him that children are the reason life is worth living.Gary wonders why he can‘t bear to take down the collage of Victoria since he now has the real thing. He slams his desk in anger. When Victoria calls to wish him goodnight, he assures her he was thinking about her.Megan meets Grace at the coffeehouse. Megan doesn‘t like hearing Grace tell her that Tricia was deeply involved in trying to break up her relationship with Tony. Grace is beginning to believe that Tony‘s death wasn‘t an accident at all.Ryan goes to the Dennison home to find Tricia. He begs her to come back home with him, but she refuses. She wants to stay with her father, who is supportive of her.Malcolm and Olivia fight over Neil, Dru and Callie. Malcolm thinks that Olivia migh